Amal Abid Photography

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it"
- Confucius

My photos have been published by the following BBC World Service sites:

BBC Russian
BBC Pashto
BBC Vietnamese
BBC Mundo

Winter Wonderland London has featured my photo in their 10th Anniversary Gallery.

My photos have been used by various publications, including:

Time Out London featuring 33 Dazzling Photos of #PrideLondon 2015.
Time Out London Everyone's Instagramming #NotesToStrangers (printed in the September 5-11 2017 weekly magazine. 

An article by BBC's in-house weekly magazine Ariel, on saying goodbye to the BBC's Media Centre building.  

An article on air pollution by The Londonist. 

The gallery of London's foggy weather by The Londonist.

An article on Sunday morning best-of-Londonist weekly round-up

My photos have been published by Street Photography UK on Facebook: have featured my photo

Blacknwhite_uk Instagram have featured several of my photos:

LondonOffBeat Instagram have featured my photo. 

GreyhoundCafeUK have featured my photo

The UK TV Channel 'London Live' have featured several of my photos from weekly competitions on Instagram, to be broadcast on TV:

Close Up

Time Out UK Flickr favourites

Kia Cars UK has favourited my photos on Twitter. 

Niume has featured the following blog posts: